#MathProblemOfTheDay: Nike Running App


Help me figure out how fast I ran!

I was gonna go for a walk and then decided to turn it into a yog. My routine was: walk a half mile, run a half mile. Repeat 4 times.

Nike Running tells me my average pace was a 14:17 minute mile. No magic there – they just took my total time (57:11) and divided it by my total distance (4 miles).

Anyway, here’s what happened. While I was walking I was relaxed. I was able to look at the screen and see my pace – about 19 minutes per mile. While I was running I had no energy or focus to spare – and I didn’t look at the screen. I want to find out roughly how fast I was running.

Given that my walking pace hovered around 19 minutes per mile, what was my average running pace?